Katie Cole is a fantastic trainer.  I have always been an avid gym goer but I never really knew what my body needed specifically. Katie taught me a lot about nutrition, different body fibers, workout programs and more.  She was always willing to help me figure out what to shop for at the grocery store.  Katie cares not only about her job but about you as person and works with you to accomplish any goals you have.  I thought I wanted to lose weight because I weighed too much, but she helped me realize it isn’t about the numbers it is about the muscle mass and inches for me. My body changed fat into muscle very quickly.  I have never seen as much improvement and change in my body as Katie has helped me achieve.  I have a new appreciation for my body and my confidence has boosted dramatically. I could never have made as much progress at the gym without Katie’s help.  She is extremely sweet, but makes you work hard. I would recommend Katie to anyone who wants to see change in their bodies.  She is very knowledgeable and always willing to help you figure out what works best for you.  I could not have made as much improvement as I did without her.
-          Laure Coman

When I first came to Katie I was discouraged, overweight, out of shape & tired of being sick & tired. 
From the start she was kind, compassionate & patient with me, never critical of my lack of ability or the shape I was in. She slowly started helping & guiding me towards better ways of living. It's clear that she has a passion for healthy living & for helping others learn how to live better. I know she genuinely cares & that I'm not just a number or project to her. She wants me to exceed. She gets excited with me & for me when I meet or exceed a goal or accomplish something big....like a pull up! :) I am forever grateful for the opportunity I've had to have her as a trainer & I would not be exaggerating by saying my life has changed for the better because of Katie! 
-     Christy 

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